Stamfor is a company that for over forty years has been assisting and supporting mechanical workshops that share its same vision, namely total quality and continuous innovation.

It offers products for all types of processing and materials through the combination of world-renowned brands such as Sandvik Coromant, OSG, Tungaloy, Schüssler, Alpa, SCT, Guabo, B-Handling, Schunk and Elbo Controls.

The company stands out for its solid technical preparation, the result of continuous interaction with researchers, trainers and industry experts.

Why Stamfor?

For Stamfor it is of fundamental importance the training created “ad hoc” directly at the customer’s premises, creating courses specifically designed on the basis of specific needs, also dedicated to personnel with less experience, offering basic training that can extend up to advanced and standard courses that are dedicated to the different sectors off the industry.

The strong territorial presence in North East Italy has made Stamfor a reliable partner around which hundreds of companies have entrusted their success.