The Landoil brand embodies the most innovative and technological thing there can be on the lubricants market.

Produced in the latest generation Lub Factory, which is the proud & Joy of A + B Group, all coolants, hydraulic oils, cutting oils, greases, protectives and lubricants in general reflect the values of the Group, keeping an eye on health of the operators.

Lubrificanti Landoil

Landoil is based on:


There is no innovation without research. For this reason, our technicians constantly work on new formulations in order to offer technolgically advanced products, based on quality raw materials which are included in production processes aligned with market demands.

Production site

Lub Factory is perhaps among the most important in Europe. It is characterized by highly automated innovative processes involving 360° production, packaging and storage. The research and development, quality and technical assistance laboratories guarantee a high standard of products.

Green policy

Everything we produce has always been designed to increase the productivity of our customers, without neglecting a fundamental aspect: attention to the environment and the health of the operators. We follow scrupulous green policies which are represented, today more than ever.


As far as logistics is concerned, the processes adopted follow the Toyota method: semi-automatic trolleys aimed not only at the efficient collection of the finished product, but also its shipment.

The result? Range expansion, innovative production facility and increased service level.
Landoil Technology is the perfect partner in the world of lubricants!

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