Who We Are

Where does the name A+B come from?

We have chosen to call ourselves A+B for a very specific reason: to represent a process of continuous growth aimed at seeking a balance between two opposing worlds A and B whose union generates completeness.

Technology and tradition, digital and analogue, strategy and operations, vision and concreteness are just some of the esamples on which we base our growth path as a Group: looking to the future without forgetting who we are.

This is A+B Industrial Tools Company.

It is precisely with a look to the future that we plan our investments.

Three production plants equipped with the most innovative machinery and designed to make the resulting operational processes more efficient. A unique High-tech logistics center, fast, efficient and reliable, capable of managing the operations of all Group companies and delivering throughout Europe within 48 hours of receiving the order A well-defined plan of acquisitions and partnerships (over 20 concluded in recent years) but always open to companies with a DNA common to ours.

Why not join A + B?

We are a dynamic company, in constant evolution with a strong vocation for innovation, but faithful to our identity and values from which we started.

Our Group is able to involve anyone with transversal opportunities between production companies, distribution and foreign branches.

We have a clear and shared corporate culture in which you can recognize yourself from day one.

Do you want to start your journey into the A+B world? Send a spontaneous application!