The Group

The A+B Group is an Industrial reality that has 14 companies producing and distributing products around 3 meters from the machine tool.

This synergy is the result of a project that was ambitious and still in the making, but which is now fully realised, putting us, to all intents and purposes, as a reference on the European scene.

All around 3 meters from the machine tool

We transfer technology, innovation and productivity to our customers: the products marketed by the Group are in fact conceived and designed to reduce processing times, increase the level of efficiency and productivity of mechanical machining and processes within the production departments.

From production to distribution

The combination between production and distribution companies allows to have the complete control over the entire supply chain and our the value: we listen to customers’ needs, design new products, make them usable with innovative organisational levels and convey them with state-of-the-art sales structures and digital services. Then we vehicle the products with state-of-the-art sales structures and digital services.

The drive towards continuous improvement

No compromise in quality. We are therefore constantly investing in R&D, production sites and product expansion consistent with customer requirements. We deal with automation technologies related to logistics and organisational processes that enable service levels that are unique in the international arena.

The A+B Group is product innovation and widespread presence in the territory. It is combining skills and production capabilities with the speed of continuous and necessary customer presence. A well-defined strategic choice that allows us to understand the peculiarities of each of the two worlds and allows us to work day after day to integrate them, innovating and improving the way our customers operate.