Developed in the A+B laboratories, Ltec products are designed, formulated, developed and tested to guarantee our customers the highest performance in complete safety.

From lubricating and colling oils, to neat oils, passing through lubricants and chemical products in general, Ltec represents the non plus ultra in mechanical processing.

We supply types of emulsifiable oils suitable for different uses during mechanical processing, while the lubrication systems allow the use of fluids from renewable bases.


Ltec is based on:


Ltec is synonymous with continuous research to improve the performance of our products. Our team of specialist collaborates with uiversities and specialized centers to create new formulations.


Two concepts are fundamental to us: health and efficacy. We aim to have bio-compatible products that guarantee high performance while protecting health in the workplace. Being “green” and having high performance products is what sets us apart.

Laboratory and analysis

Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated analysis equipment. In this way we have the opportunity to investigate and solve the most varied problems relating to chemical formulations and their applications.



Ltec is our division that offers a range of chemicals, detergents, lubricants and coolants for every need and use during machining.

The result? Continuous research to improve the performance of our products and provide emulsifiable oils of types suitable for different types of use.

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