The Tungaloy brand has long been recognized as a world leader in the production of tools for chip removal.

The name itself “Tungaloy” clearly identifies its specificity: Tungsten alloy = tungsten alloy, primary element of sintered carbide.

The concepts of technology and innovation have always found their maximum expression in Tungaloy Products, a brand that in recent years has launched the largest number of new products on the market.


The range of Tungaloy products is extremely wide thanks to a program of inserts holders, cutter bodies, bits and tool holders addressed to all industrial sectors.

Tungaloy is based on:


Among the most innovative products we include special coatings in cermet, ceramic, cubic boron nitride, polycrystalline diamond and latest generation micro-grains, dedicated to the processing of a wide range of metals: from steel to cast iron, from difficult-to-machine materials to stainless steel and non-ferrous alloys.

Constant innovation

Thanks to the strength of the IMC group to which it belongs, innovation in Research and Development and in the production processes of the plants is a constant goal. This allows Tungaloy to launch hundreds of new products on the market every year, proving once again to conquer the leadership in the sector.

Customer service

Each customer has specific processing needs. For this reason, we thoroughly study your needs and develop a tailor-made solution that increases your productivity.





Technological development

Tungaloy develops innovative technologies thanks to its advanced technology and state-of-the-art machinery together with field experience in the workshops and production departments of customers from all industries worldwide.

The result? A leader in the development of powder metallurgy and hard metal coating processes, a benchmark in the tool industry.

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