Kerfolg is the A + B product line which aims to enhance performance in mechanical processing in order to maximize productivity.

For Kerfolg products it is therefore essential to optimize the customer’s production process, having a customer-centric vision, listening to and satisfying their needs.


Kerfolg has a wide range of products divided between:

  • Solid tools: Hss and hard metal drills, taps for threading, Hss and hard metal cutters.
  • Tools with mechanical fastening: inserts and insert holders, cut-off cutters, cutters for high feed, Knurls;
  • Clamping systems: spindles and pre-setting machines

Like all A + B brands, Kerfolg contemplates three fundamental aspects:

Continuous development

Thanks to a team of project managers, we use all our Know-how to create solutions in the most varied fields of application. For this reason Kerfolg tools possess exceptional technology.


Reduction of machining time, increase in chip volume and extension of tool life. In summary, the optimization of the customer’s production process as an objective.


We personally take care of the realization of our tools, in order to guarantee high quality levels even on large-scale production.


We check every single tool on the basis of strict quality standards and we improve their quality with continuous comparative tests.

The result? The perfect cutting tool to solve our customers’ problems.
Kerfolg is what it takes to make a difference!

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