Wodex is synonymous with efficiency and design. The A + B brand includes a complete assortment of hand tools for maintenance, repair of machines and all assembly operations.

And it is thanks to its attractive, ergonomic design and high quality materials that we ensure precision, ease of use and durability.

Wodex Produzione

Like the other A + B brands, Wodex also starts from:

Customer needs

Our customers are always looking for hand tools that combine design, ergonomics and handling.


We have a dedicated team that, in close contact with the customer, develops ergonomic, practical and safe products. Torque wrenches, socket wrenches, tool trolleys and much more.


We produce our tools directly using quality raw materials and patented molds of our property. All aimed at achieving our goal: to be the reference leader in the sector.


Through a selective test process, we ensure that the individual products placed on the market meet the most demanding customer needs. This is why Wodex is defined as a PREMIUM QUALITY brand.

The result of all this?
Practical and easy to use hand tools, with an attractive design and high quality standards

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