Kerfolg Produzione

Link Gruppo Spa is a company that is part of the A+B Group: we supply any tool and product within 3 metres of the machine tool. The technological level of the products we sell is designed to reduce machining times, increase production levels and improve efficiency and operability in the machine shop.

Why Link?

Because every year, between Italy and the foreign branches in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, we serve more than 9,000 customers.
Our catalog has over 27,000 items including brands known worldwide (Milwaukee,…) and products entirely developed, designed and distributed by us.
We have 5 production sites where we develop highly technological products.
We guarantee high added value consultancy thanks to the territorial presence of over 120 local commercial and product managers.

Polo logistic

The 2 highly automated logistics centers eith 30,000 m2 of warehouse make it possible to have most of the products available, guaranteeing very short delivery times: 95% of orders processed arrive within 24 hours.


Being Immediate is everything and we know it well!

That is why we have designed a digital platform to have everything you need just a click away. You will have access to your orders, product availability and conclude your purchases with the agreed form of payment. A practical, convenient and secure portal for all your orders.


Within our catalogue you can find all kinds of products. Updated year by year, in print or digital version and available in 6 languages, online, fast and practical.